Catnip Dreams


Catnip Dreams
Catnip Dreams Catnip Dreams

It's the tea every kitty dreams of! Our signature "Catnip Dreams" tea blend brings together three "ameowzing" herbal ingredients specifically chosen to intrigue your kitty, and may have beneficial herbal effects.

Everyone knows that felines go gaga for catnip! This herb acts as a mild sedative when ingested and provides the purrrrfect pre-catnap aperatif.

Cats love lemongrass, and many will readily munch on it just for fun. This ingredient was selected mostly to delight your kitty's tastebuds!

Basil contains antioxidants that may disarm free radicals and may prevent problems before they occur. It's got a lovely leafy, herbal taste and scent that you'll recognise instantly.

All our teas are made from 100% natural, organic and caffeine-free tea leaves. Psst... Tea for Cats is also safe and delicious for humans to drink (although kitties and humans should never sip from the same cup)!

Please ensure that Tea for Cats is right for your kitty - check out our recommendations and warning here.