About us

Tea for Cats is the passion purr-oject of some crazy cat people based in Sydney, Australia!

The idea for Tea for Cats sparked one chilly morning, when we we brewing a pot of delicious tea, and wishing we could share the ex-purr-ience of relaxing over a cuppa with our feline friends. When we realised there were many ingredients that were delicious and healthful for both cats and humans, the concept really came to life!

For us, the most im-paw-tant thing is that your feline has a catastic time using our product - whether they like to lap at the tea with their cute little tongue, sniff the interesting aromas with curious noses, or splash it with their adorable paws - we want their kit-tea party to be the highlight of your feline's day!

So from all of us, welcome to the Tea for Cats com-mew-nity. Please don't hesitate to meow at us if we can help match your feline with their purrfect tea, or just to generally chat cats with us! 

- Tea for Cats team