Where does our tea come from and what does it do?

Where does our tea come from and what does it do?

If you're feeding your kitty something new and different, you may be a little cautious. This post is to help our customers understand where our ingredients come from and what's in our tea.

The packaging we use is free of chemicals, as is our tea! All tea used within the Tea for Cats range is organic and Australian grown and proudly supplied by Tea Life, a leading and reputable supplier of Organic Herbal Tea.

Every ingredient is specifically chosen to be beneficial to felines and provides them with nutrients they may otherwise be lacking in. A few examples are...


Where better to start a tea base for cats than with Catnip? The age old kitty favorite that cats are naturally drawn to for more reasons than one. Found in the leaves and stems of Catnip is nepetalactone, which is the compound known to attract cats. Interestingly enough, effects will differ on a cat depending on whether it's ingested or smelled. When smelled, the kitty will go wild! When eaten it will usually have a sedative effect.

Not every cat is affected by Catnip, so results vary. However this doesn't negate the benefits of it when ingested! Cats will also only react to Catnip after 7 months old.

The main purpose of Catnip really is to calm a cat down, ease stress/anxiety, and is a perfect pre catnap drink.


Valerian is a very interesting herb that cats love due to its strong smell and the way it makes them feel. It's the opposite of Catnip in that it acts more of a stimulant than a sedative on cats. On humans, it's known only as a sedative and used to treat anxiety/stress!


Believe it or not, many cats also like Ginger. This time the effects on humans and cats are the same - it can help an upset stomach. Of course if your cat is experiencing tummy troubles a trip to the vet is warranted depending on the issue but if it's just plain old indigestion then a mild brew of ginger could help out.