Ever wanted to sip a cup of tea with your cat?

Now you can with Tea for Cats!
Try one of our "purrfect" teas blended specially for your feline!


Welcome to Tea For Cats!

Tea for Cats is a range of yummy herbal teas made from vet-approved ingredients for your cat. (Shhh... don't tell kitty, but they're actually safe and delicious for humans too)!

Join in this fun new way to connect with your cat and share a relaxing moment over a cup of tea!

We're Not Kitten Around....

Yes! It's for cats (...and their humans)

Tea for Cats intriguing tastes and smells to entice your cat. Down to the packaging, including a tea-time toy, we’ve thought of everything to make your “kit-tea party” the highlight of your furry friend’s day. Our teas are also safe for humans to enjoy, so fill up a cup!

Premium quality, locally sourced teas

Tea for Cats is sourced fresh from premium, organic, Australian growers and lovingly packaged by hand in Sydney by a small crew of crazy cat people. Only the best for your kitty!

Vet-approved ingredients. Safe and healthy.

All of our ingredients are herbal, caffeine-free, and have been certified safe for feline consumption by qualified and experienced veterinarians. Each blend in the Tea for Cats range is themed to benefit the wellbeing and support the health of your cat.


I used to be, like, so jealous of my human drinking tea. Now I just glare at her for no reason.

– Hipster cat.

Drinking tea is the purrrrfect way to past the time, darlings. Let's have a kit-tea party!

– Pedigree princess.

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